WORX WG794 Landroid Robotic Lawn Mower Review

WORX WG794 Landroid Robotic Lawn Mower Review

If you hate cutting the grass and you've been looking at purchasing a robotic lawn mower, then you've come to the right place. The WORX Landroid is one of the best automowers on the market and is guaranteed to give you years of self-sufficient service.

By purchasing a robotic lawn mower, you’re signing up for a summer that you can truly enjoy. You won’t have to spend another weekend slaving behind a push mower. You can sit back, relax, have a drink, or even work on that Do It Yourself project that you’ve been trying to find time for.

WORX WG794 Landroid Pre-Programmed Robotic Lawn Mower

source: worx.com

Priced at just over $1,000 this unit is a steal in comparison to more expensive brands, and it offers quality and features worth far more than it’s meager list price. Read on to find out all the details on one of the best automowers on the market.

Technical Specifications:

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    Can handle inclines of up to 20 degrees
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    Shock sensing system identifies and avoids obstacles
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    Rain sensor and automatic shut-off
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    ¼ acre working area
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    Can handle tight spaces

What We Like

If you're looking for a hassle-free robotic lawnmower, then this is it. Its small size makes it perfect for most suburban lawns or backyard gardens. This unit is guaranteed to make you happy.


It’s also incredibly affordable. Many people are turned off to purchasing a robo-mower because they’re so expensive, and it’s hard for people to justify dropping thousands of dollars on such a small appliance.

Of course, after they’ve had one, most people wonder how they managed to live so long without it. By pricing it at only $1,000, WORX is lowering the barrier to entry and providing a product that a greater percentage of the population can bring into their household.

WORX WG794 Landroid Pre-Programmed Robotic Lawn Mower

source: worx.com

Rest-assured, the price tag does not come with a reduction in quality. This unit is packed to the brim with quality engineering and engaging features.

Advanced Intelligence

The WORX robotic lawn mower is programmed with an Advanced Intelligence Algorithm. This AI can calculate the layout of your yard, and develop a mowing routine that allows it to mow in the quickest, most efficient way possible.

This feature also allows it to reach all of the intricate, hard to reach corners that other robotic mowers would never be able to get to. This unit is both flexible and highly-responsive to its environment.

Shock Sensing

This WORX unit has a built-in shock sensing system that allows it to easily maneuver around any obstacles in your yard. The robot is enclosed in a shock-proof casing that prevents any lasting damage when the unit runs into hard objects.

After the robot runs into an object, it records the location into it's GPS system and attempts to find a way around it. Once found, the automower will remember that objects location and you shouldn't have to worry about it hitting the same object twice.

Works Straight Out Of The Box

The WORX Landroid is incredibly easy to set up and requires no additional programming. The only thing that you will have to do is set up the Landroids charging hub and lay the boundary wire around the edges of your grass.

Many competing robotic mowers on the market require a significant amount of set up and often require professional tuning throughout the year. Your Landroid goes to work as soon as you press the start button. Should you wish to reprogram it or change its schedule, there is a large easy to use interface on the side of the unit.

Things We Didn’t Like

All great products have their flaws, and even this high-tech robotic lawn mower is no different. While we don’t consider any of these to be deal breakers, we did think there were a few drawbacks that were worth mentioning.

Only Meant For Small Lawns

As we mentioned above, the Landroid only has a working area of a ¼ acre. This makes it good for small residential homes or backyard gardens. However, if you have a larger home with a more expansive yard, then this unit is not for you.

It simply doesn’t have the power or navigational capacity to handle these large properties. It will start off running fine, but will quickly become lost, disoriented and only end up cutting a small portion of your yard.

It’s Not Waterproof

Unlike some competitors, the WORX Landroid is unable to work in the rain. This is fine if you live in an area that has warm sunny summers, but if you reside in a wet tropical environment, this could be a problem.

WORX WG794 Landroid Pre-Programmed Robotic Lawn Mower

source: worx.com

Thankfully, this unit does have a rain sensor though. If it senses rainfall while it is in the middle of its cycle, then it will cease all mowing, and autopilot itself back to it's charging station, which should be set up in a dry area with protection from the elements.

It Cannot Handle Steep Inclines

The Landroid is designed only to work on hills with an angle of 20 degrees or less. This is fine for most homes that have a slight angle to their yard, but if you have any hills, mounds, or steep areas in your lawn, the robotic mower will avoid them, and you will have to take care of them personally.

In Review

So in review, let’s look at a quick list of the WORX Landroid’s pros and cons:


  • Affordable
  • Easy to set up
  • Works right out of the box
  • Advanced Artificial Intelligence Algorithm
  • Shock protecting sensors


  • It cannot run in the rain
  • Not meant for steep hills
  • Can’t handle large lawns

Overall, this unit is exceptional. For most homeowners, this advanced robotic lawn mower is a dream come true. In the long run, it will save you thousands of dollars in comparison to paying a landscaping company.

 It will give you plenty of extra free time, peace of mind, and lawn that has a yard of the month cut every single day. At only $1,000 it's incredibly affordable, and will give you years of service with little to no maintenance. So what are you waiting for? Take advantage of this great deal and get ready to enjoy your summer!

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