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American Lawn Mower 1204 Reel Lawn Mower Review

Don’t you just get sick and tired of lawn mowers being so over complicated that you feel as though a degree in the subject may be needed to operate one?

What happened to the days of simplicity where you could mow the lawn with minimal effort, minimal stress and get the job done good and proper?

Luckily I have discovered that these types of lawn mowers do exist and the 21st century has brought them forward in design and innovation much to my pleasure! I understand more so than anyone that finding a reliable lawn mower that’s inexpensive and does the job well, is a challenge.

Luckily I stumbled across this gem due to reading countless excellent reviews and boy am I glad I did! Gone are the days of patchy lawns and dangerous stone throwing from the blades.

Technology Meets Traditional Accessibility

Made by American Lawn Mower Company the 14 inch push reel lawn mower is the perfect accessory to mow your lawn hassle free, without polluting the atmosphere, without unsightly cords and without a hefty price tag.


The Compact hand-reel mower includes a number of beneficial features that make it my new favorite investment. These features include:

  • Compact hand-reel mower ideal for most turf grasses and long grass.
  • Delivers a clean, precise, scissor-like cut.
  • ​Tempered alloy steel reel and bed knife blade.
  • ​8-1/2-inch diameter high impact, polymer wheels with a 4-blade reel.
  • ​1/2- to 1-1/2-inch cutting height; 14-inch cutting width.
  • ​Zinc-plated handle has plastic grips for greater comfort.
  • Lightweight at only 19 pounds.
American lawn mower 1204 14-inch

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This product was clearly created to fill a gap in the market. It's for those that love simplicity but don’t like to compromise on effectiveness. The best things come in smaller packages and in this case, it couldn’t be truer.

More Results, Less Effort

The mower is already assembled inside the box - you just have to add the handle. It was incredibly easy to push and tremendously comfortable on my hands (it features an excellent grip bar.)

It was quiet, effortless to push and the finish on my lawn was exceptional. Although onlookers and neighbors may have looked and thought “that little thing is never going to get the job done” – IT DID! So glad I made the change from a gas mower to this one!

What Others Say

The compact lawn mower over takes the gas powered rotary blades when it comes to quality of cut. You have the added bonus of it being lightweight, so much so that its 60% easier to push than other reel mowers.

With it being a push powered reel mower it does of course take multiple passes at a couple of different angles to achieve that precision cut quality. The powerful little machine will annihilate tall grass; still leaving the occasional dandelion though.

Red head of lawn mower.

I found that the mower was easy to put together, just be sure to pay close attention to the included instructions because they are there for a reason.

The actual shape of the mower and the handle makes it very easy to maneuver about.

It even works well on uneven lawns and I am speaking from experience here. My lawn was created by my uncle with a dump truck unloading dirt so it's safe to say, it really isn’t flat and the mower always gives a great cut.

Another huge benefit of this mower is that it’s lighter and more nimble than a gas mower meaning I can multi-task if I need to.

It doesn’t throw up rocks or sticks making it safe to use and it's nice and quiet which means I can have conversations with the husband or children while I am mowing the lawn.

Insider Information To Watch Out For

Ok so before using it I’d say it would be a great idea to rake your garden area before you use the mower.

It’s important to remember that this is a fine mower and it will cut your grass very effectively - but it doesn’t have motorized power and it’s not designed to cut through twigs and branches so it's a good idea to remove these obstacles to really get the most out of it.

Assembling and using the device couldn’t be easier so having to take a little time to rake your lawn first is really a small price to pay.

Buying Advice

Amazon seems to be the cheapest and what’s more, if you purchase from Amazon (which I did) then the product is eligible for Amazon's 30-day returns policy and Prime for free shipping so you actually can’t go far wrong. Priced at around $74 this mower really is the king of low cost, budget mowers.

I am an avid gardening enthusiast so I purchased my reel lawn mower with a few accessories, two of them being the American Lawn Mower SK-1 Reel Mower Sharpening Kit and the grass catcher. I have everything I need to complete a perfect job every time. Also, for your peace of mind, it comes with a limited 90-day warranty.

Our Recommendation

Gardening is my hobby; I enjoy good equipment, accessories and all the bells and whistles that make my life easier.

A lawn mower is obviously one of the main things I use on a daily basis. Having wasted my money on various other models I needed something this time that I could rely on fully.

The zinc-plated handle has plastic grips for greater comfort making it ideal for everyday usage.

The tempered alloy steel reel and bed knife blade delivers a clean, precise, scissor-like cut that is second to none. I must say it's exceeded my expectations on every level and for the price, what more could you ask for?

Red american lawn mower 1204-14 14-inch


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